Need a custom solution?

We build custom software to meet your specific needs.

From single-page informational websites to full-blown database-driven applications, we are a one-stop shop for all your custom business software development needs.

Technology Consulting


Requirements Gathering

We will work with you and your clients to make sure we have all of the project requirements.

User Interface Design

Our applications have beautiful interfaces that work accross all browsers and mobile devices.

Project Management

We'll take care of managing development resources so that everything gets done on time.

Application Development

Front end and back end software application development from start to finish.


Custom database design and integration with your existing databases.

Cloud Hosting

We'll manage hosting your web applications on the cloud.

API Intergration

Need to intergrate your systems with software from third party vendors?

Bug Fixes

Existing system causing problems? Allow us to fix the bugs and add new features.

Workflow Automation

We build systems that help automate your business and bring down costs.

Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

Use your existing merchant account or apply for a new merchant account and Authorize.net Payment Gateway. Click here to learn more.

Web Design

From small businesses to global corporations, every company needs a public-facing website.

Logo Design

We'll take care of your logo design, as well as icon designs for your applications.

Management Consulting

We partner with your executives and business leaders to identify organizational challenges, gather and analyze information, and develop and implement solutions.

Portfolio Management

Empower your organization's growth. Masterfully selecting, prioritizing, and controlling your programs and projects to align with your strategic objectives and delivery capabilities.

Advisory Services

Navigate complexities and conquer challenges with our independent, third-party support to enhance your processes, systems, and risk management.


Rate Card

Standard Preferred
Management Consulting $300/hour $240/hour
Advisory Services $300/hour $240/hour
Software Architect $225/hour $180/hour
Project Manager $215/hour $172/hour
DevOps Engineer $175/hour $140/hour
Lead Developer $175/hour $140/hour
Senior Developer $150/hour $120/hour
Junior Developer $125/hour $100/hour
UI Developer $125/hour $100/hour
Graphic Designer $125/hour $100/hour
Testing & Quality Control $100/hour $80/hour
Updated April 1, 2024

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